Rainbow over Paso Robles


He Was The Man Who Would Not Give Up!

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City of Paso Robles Says "Thank You Jim!"

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We Now Have the Perfect Property!

"Dear Jim, We just had to take the time and thank you for all the times we called you on the spur of the moment and you took the time in your day and sometimes away from your family to show us property. Thanks to you we now have the perfect property. Thanks again and we'll stop in and see you once in awhile. After all, it's been three years."
Your new buddies, George & Ruth Narancic

"Thank you for our beautiful eight-acre park. Everytime we go up there we realize how lucky we are. It is the perfect spot for us to get away from here and just relax in the peace and quiet. We are the ones who owe you."
Your friends, Jim & Billie Anderson

Clients Who Appreciate Professionalism

"This is a long-overdue 'thank you' for all you did – over so many, many months – to finally make the sale of the three parcels happen. Without your knowledge and expertise (and patience!), I know those sales would never have happened. All of your efforts and work with the well guys and the surveyors and the county people were truly 'above and beyond' the work done by a 'regular' real estate agent. On top of it all, you event handled two wildfires! ☺ I thank you again and again for all that you did, and I truly appreciate your answering all of my questions – especially in the beginning when I just felt lost and overwhelmed."
Patti Larson

"Jim Irving's low pressure, friendly approach combined with his high degree of professionalism and knowledge instilled confidence in all our dealings with him. We feel we have gained a good friend and neighbor."
Ray & Dawn Drake

"Jim Irving was terrific… Highly competent, responsible, knowledgeable, and persevering."
Patrick Goldstein & Sonya Bolle

"We found everyone in your office to be courteous and helpful. I particularly liked working with Jim. He was very knowledgeable and very quick to find answers and get back to us. He kept us informed all along which helped to keep the stress levels down."
Milton & John Laird, Kokopelli Vineyards

"Thank you for your superb assistance with our property purchase. Your expertise and responsiveness are greatly valued. We are very happy with the outcome of our search and the imminent closure."
Chuck & Nina Ebner, ckeb@earthlink.net

"Linda and I have been honored to be associated with Jim Irving as a client. His all-round professionalism served as an anchor of stability and security for us. We continued to trust Jim from the beginning right up to the closing of the sale. AND THAT SHOULD SAY A LOT! Jim appears to us to be particularly gifted in the skill of diplomacy -- a character trait critically important in the sales community. Yes, we would recommend RE/MAX Parkside Realty and Jim Irving to our friends."
Linda & Tom Karling, tkarlinda@verizon.net

"Neal and I both want to thank you for representing us in the purchase of the Atascadero property. You took the time to create a profile from our wish list and to screen properties coming on the market so we could maximize our house hunting efforts when we were in town. You were patient, even when it took almost two years and we visited more than 80 properties before making a final decision. You also educated us about the microclimates of the different areas and the pros and cons of dealing with a well and the cost of utilities when you are off the grid. Your professionalism during the purchase has been matched by the qualified contractors and tradesmen you have referred to work on the property. You helped us realize the dream of a lifetime and we are truly grateful."
Kathryn & Neal Showers

"He gave far more than he took, worked harder than anyone and in the end has earned enormous respect and admiration from me and, I am sure, all those who are his associates. Thank you so much Jim!"
Larry Brugge

"Jim was enlisted to handle a short sale of our land several years ago. He brought in several good, prospective buyers throughout that time. However to deal with and navigate the completely incompetent departments of the bank took incredible patience and skill. As none of the bank’s departments knew what the other was doing we lost these buyers as they couldn't tolerate the lengthy process and unending paperwork the bank required. Jim preserved and kept trying when any other realtor would have given up. A year ago he brought another good prospective buyer in and after a year, yes one year, in escrow was able to get the bank to close the deal. I can't stress Jim's patience and professionalism throughout this ordeal. I received much more help from him then I did from an expensive attorney I hired. Not only is Jim tenacious, he is a true professional with a sense of humor even in the most trying of circumstances. Based on my experiences with Jim there is none better in the real estate field in the California Central Coast."
Jimmy Joe

Buyers Who Have Saved Money Thanks to Jim

"Jim has been invaluable to us. He's a consummate professional. He never overlooks or underestimates even the smallest detail. On numerous occasions, he pointed out minor problems with the home we purchased and made sure they were either taken care of, or that we would be protected after the purchase"

"He returns phone calls. Always. It's a small detail, so important and very simple, but it's amazing how few "professionals" ever master it. To put it simply, Jim get things done…he has surrounded himself with a network of people who conduct business in a similar fashion. From loan officers to contractors to fellow realtors, he obviously has the respect of everyone he deals with."

"We also suspect that Jim has a talent for negotiations. We weren't present when he presented our initial offer or when he later bargained for concessions, but the results would certainly indicate that he is fairly persuasive. There's no doubt that Jim saved us more money than he will earn in a commission."
Bill & Brenda Nairn

Sellers Who Want Their Money's Worth

"We were very happy with the advertising and your constant efforts to increase traffic. It was your tenacity that sold the house…and your patience and humor kept us sane."
Doug & Elizabeth Martin

"Jim has fairly and efficiently represented both the buyer and the seller. Most of all, we have benefited from Jim's knowledge of previous owners' neighbors, and service-providers for the area. It will be good to have him as a neighbor."
Jim & Heather Johnson

"It was so good to have Jim on our side!
Jim handled the sale and purchase of both our homes and also handled the jobs of both the other agents in our transactions. He handled the problems that arose and made the move as smooth as he could. We really appreciated Jim's thoughtfulness and the way he really took care of us."
Patty Webb

"Jim is a great resource for us concerning real estate, and the county in which we live…"
Steve & Roberta Weber

"Jim Irving is the most knowledgeable, honest, professional realtor I have ever dealt with.
Jim and I wanted to thank you…Jim has been such a help to us in all our efforts: from buying the property to his recommendations on craftspeople."
Jim & Carol Peterson, seajaytea@gmail.com

"Excellent service by Jim. He understood our needs very well and adapted to the changing environment easily. Kathy and others in the office provided great follow-up work, were friendly and courteous."
Rich & Raewyn Herman

"I couldn't ask for anyone any nicer than Jim. He was a big help."
Earline Johnson

"Job well done. Thank you for selling our property. We will pass on our recommendation to others."
Drew Lawson, dblawson@rocketmail.com

I have never thanked you for all that you did to help sell my house. I am just now really recovering from my nightmare of taking care of the overload of life prior to selling 1433 Oak Street. You did a superb job of getting that place sold.
Kathleen Haas