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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

ADU Handbook

 ADUs are transforming California real estate. The State has published a great guide - I encourage you to read it here.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Good Reads for Buyers


I've found these articles to be useful for anyone considering country living. 



Alternative Toliets

Control Noxious Weeds

Living Next to Agriculture

Monday, April 13, 2020

What the CARES Act Means for You

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act

As we're all dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our lives, I want to share encouraging news: the government has approved the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act which will help millions of people in this critical time. Perhaps even you.

This sweeping legislation is unprecedented in the history of our nation and provides significant economic assistance to address the impact of COVID-19. The CARES Act is over 800 pages long, but here are some of the economic provisions most relevant for you.

What this means for you and your loved ones

If you're eligible for a cash payment

Most individuals earning less than $75,000 can expect a one-time cash payment of $1,200. Married couples would each receive a check and families would get $500 per child. That means a family of four earning less than $150,000 can expect $3,400.
If you or someone you know has lost a job

States will still continue to pay unemployment to people who qualify. This bill adds $600 per week from the federal government on top of whatever base amount a worker receives from the state. That boosted payment will last for four months.

If you're a small business owner

The bill provides $10 billion for grants of up to $10,000 to provide emergency funds for small businesses who qualify for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan to cover immediate operating costs.

The Small Business Administration has rolled out the Paycheck Protection Program applications and guidelines. This program is a $350 billion program to provide loans of up to $10 million per business. Certain portions of that loan will be forgiven used to maintain payroll, keep workers on the books, or pay for rent, mortgage and existing debt could be forgiven, provided workers stay employed through the end of June.

If you're a freelancer or independent contractor

Typically, self-employed people, freelancers and contractors can't apply for unemployment. This bill creates a new, temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program that provides unemployment coverage through the end of the year to freelancers and independent contractors and also provides an additional $600 per week for 4 months in addition to regular state benefits.

If you're a property/homeowner

Borrowers of federally-backed mortgage loans can request a loan forbearance on their payments (without penalties, fees, or interest) for at least 180 days. Multi-family borrowers may request a similar forbearance for up to 30 days.

In addition, foreclosures on similar mortgage loans are prohibited for at least 60 days and evictions from properties related to several federal programs are also prohibited for a 120 day period. 
If you would like to learn more about all the contents in the CARES Act, please see this article.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, or if you would like to chat.

Stay safe and healthy 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I'm back!

I'm back! Well, many may not have been aware that 2019 has been a year of challenge for my family and me. I suddenly developed autoimmune liver disease that aggressively worsened over the last six months. But the good news is that after it became clear that I was unlikely to receive a liver transplant in California in time, I was able, with the help of my amazing hepatalogist Tim Davern at California Pacific Medical Clinic in San Francisco, to be accepted by the liver transplant team at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. I received a new liver August 25th and the effect was almost immediate!

Real estate is my passion and clients are my priority. Thanks to the able assistance of my co-workers at REMAX, Scott Howenstine, Rick Ewens, Kyler Hammond and Gerson Mendez, my listings were well taken care of through the summer with many successful transactions.

Today, I am focused on the continued strength of the market. The demand for quality small acreage property as well as for lakefront property has been much greater this year than in 2018, proving once again that our area continues to be much sought after by discerning buyers from the urban parts of the state. If you have any question about our local market, whether you have been thinking of selling, or if you have been considering an investment, I hope you'll give me a call. I'm always happy to talk Real Estate!

Good health and good wishes,


Saturday, September 7, 2019

2019 So Far!

2019 has been quite a year! With Lake Nacimiento nearly full, the interest in lakefront properties has been very strong with several significant sales, most notably that of Alex Trebek’s lakefront listing on Heron Lane in Ranchos del Lago. This sale was highlighted in today's Tribune article, which you can read here.

Elsewhere around the North County there has been good interest at higher price points for properties that are well developed and in good locations. My sale of 2490 Templeton Road is a great example.

My battle with end stage liver disease accelerated during the spring and summer. However, with the grace of God and supported by many prayers, I have now been transplanted with a new liver and am rapidly recovering. Real estate is my passion and I am deeply committed to helping past and future clients with any and all real estate questions. I look forward to hearing from you!